The Godly Still See

If you worship the moon
With no thought for the sun 
(Giver of the moon’s light),
Mere reflection’s acclaimed
While its cause is disdained
And the truth is swept out of sight.

If you let yourself go
With the tide’s ebb and flow,
Living with no thought for right;
If no danger you know
The lost world’s undertow
Will carry you out in the night.

When passion’s without truth
And freedom has no booth,
The fools may thunder delight;
But, the godly still see
That’s not how it should be
And shun such hedonistic blight.

Cherel S. Justice

Copyright © 2009


About Cherel

I love to read. I also enjoy journaling, writing poetry, sharing faith and encouragement with others, and blogging! Hope you are blessed by my site.
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