Friends Eternally

Friendship’s like an apple tree
Standing by the road.
Many stop and pick just one
To eat and on they go.
Farther in their journey
They stop at other trees.
But they very seldom linger
To enjoy the shade and breeze.
They care not for the apple tree,
If it will live or die.
But just for that one piece of fruit
They did not have to buy.
Why is it some can’t understand
The tree contains the wealth.
The apples wouldn’t be there
If the bearer lost its health.
I enjoy the precious apples
And the beauty of the leaves
So, as long as my trees standing,
It can count on faithful me.

I found it in the summer
When with fruit it did abound.
Many others shared the apples
And the flowers to be found.
I was still there in the autumn…
Summers beauties all but gone.
Now the tree stood bare but stately
And the harvesters went on.
There were changes, but through winter
I was proud to call it mine.
It had given me its summer
So I shared its bleaker time.
Contentment comes with springtime,
As it brings another year,
For the autumn and the winter
Have but served to bring us near.
And one day when all our seasons
On this earth, now meant to be,
Are fulfilled, we’ll not be parted,
But be friends eternally!

                                                                 Cherel S. Justice

Copyright © 2009

About Cherel

I love to read. I also enjoy journaling, writing poetry, sharing faith and encouragement with others, and blogging! Hope you are blessed by my site.
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