The Joys of Monogamy

At a time when immorality is commonplace and fidelity to one partner is considered outdated, it’s refreshing to hear someone so eloquently defend the value of God’s monogamous design for marriage. And do so out of a sense of grateful wonder. 

Unless you are already a reader of  G.K. Chesterton, I imagine you will be as surprised and delighted as I am to find such an exuberant declaration of appreciation by a man for the privilege of having a wife! The following statement by Chesterton is from Orthodoxy

Keeping to one woman is a small price for so much as seeing one woman. To complain that I could only be married once was like complaining that I had only been born once. It was incommensurate with the terrible excitement of which one was talking. It showed not an exaggerated sensibility to sex, but a curious insensibility to it. A man is a fool who complains that he cannot enter Eden by five gates at once. Polygamy is a lack of the realization of sex; it is like a man plucking five pears in mere absence of mind.

Surely one might pay for extraordinary joy in ordinary morals

Chesterton has a way of making commonsense observations sound like the wisdom of the ages. He takes us back to the basics even as he makes us feel we have become privy to a brand new discovery. When we view things through his eyes we become as little children with the ability to take joy in life’s everyday events as if they are the gifts of an eternal Christmas morning!

We have become too mature when we can no longer see and enjoy the wonder of having been given a marital partner to share our lives with. And, we’ve become too proud when we lose the ability to be grateful to God and our spouse for such an undeserved blessing. And, we’ve become fools if we think playing by His rules of morality will hinder and not enhance our lives and our relationships. 

Soon (Jesus) will be called Wonderful Counselor… Isaiah 9:6.

Why not take His advice now and save yourself a lot of heartache. Unless you are in an abusive relationship, be thankful for and exclusively love the one you’re with!


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