Someone Fine

I think that I must tell you now,
While we still have the time,
How I’ve always thought of you,
And why I think you’re someone fine.

I’ve always found you supportive.
In person, or by phone or letter,
Never was my case dismissed
Until you knew that I felt better.

I’ve always found you faithful,
Willing with advice and counsel,
Listening with heart and ear,
And wishing for me, all my life, well.

I’ve always found you cheerful.
Sharing words encouraging to others.
Whether newcomers or friends,
They left your presence feeling mothered.

I’ve always found you real. No pretense
Used by you to charm or flatter.
What you said was to the point.
You left unsaid what didn’t matter.

I’ve always found you cool and easy,
Gentle, kind, winsome, wise,
Calming others in your presence,
Engendering harmony in their lives.

I’ve always found you filled with humor,
Quick to laughter, free with smiles,
Showing that seeing the brighter side
Makes life’s living more worthwhile. 

I’m glad I’ve had this chance to note
Some attributes in these short verses,
Before the amused or muse have gone,
And roses fill the long black hearses.

Cherel Justice to Judith Christine Desiderio


About Cherel

I love to read. I also enjoy journaling, writing poetry, sharing faith and encouragement with others, and blogging! Hope you are blessed by my site.
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2 Responses to Someone Fine

  1. Linda S.Rochell says:

    Just read the someone fine and recognized it being to your daughter Judy. It appears you and Bro. Mike really are living your life . You and Bro. Mike have a way of stretching folk, in a good way. Dave and I got to enjoy a few days in Florida recently. I really enjoy the early spring flowers that were in bloom. We still appreciate and enjoy running our two motel room downstairs. We have had folk as far as Austria stay with us. Moving on here, Amy is expecting her third child around April 10th. His name is Samuel, the Lord let her know that there would be another one b/f he was on the way. Linda and Gary keep David Elliot’s son, Levi. Linda asked to be called Nana, I am Grandma. His mom is on her last semister to b/c a registered nurse. Linda has been a big help for Terra. You have been blessed with a sharp mind Cherel, thanks for sharing. Love you, Linda

    • Cherel says:

      Hi Linda,

      Thank you for the complimentary feedback. Sounds like you had a nice vacation and you’ve got lots going on in the family! Good to hear from you.

      The poem was actually written for my friend Judy. She’s the one I named my daughter after. She’s been a wonderful friend since I was 12 years old– long time now.

      Thanks for joining my blog.

      Love you, Cherel

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