Radical Islam Exposed

The Fight Of Our Lives by William J. Bennett and Seth Leibsohn is a Churchillian call to avoid the dangers inherent in trying to appease one’s mortal enemies and it calls us all to an awareness of who that enemy is: Radical Islam.

Bennett and Liebsohn report that in spite of all the politically correct newspeak abroad today, Islam is not a religion of peace and the Koran is not a peaceful book. The authors do an excellent job of exposing the truth about this widespread deception. No matter how many times a lie is stated, and no matter whose lips the lie comes from, it is still a lie.

This book documents and details the changes in our country since the 9/11 destruction of the Twin Towers in NYC.  It reviews the original “War on Islamic Terrorists” stance of President Bush which was later followed by his “Islam is a religion of peace” speeches. It reviews President Obama’s cozy relationship with Muslims and his refusal to even use the word terrorism in association with Radical Islam and how that policy permeates his administration.

In spite of the documented terrorist attacks in the USA (see the enlightening chapter on the Fort Hood massacre by a Muslim extremist) and worldwide by Radical Islamists (which have increased during Obama’s Administration), Homeland Security leader, Janet Napolitano believes people who oppose abortion, and people who oppose illegal immigration, and our war veterans, are a greater threat to our national security than are Muslim extremists who hijack planes and kill innocent people with bombs.

So what’s going on here? If you are wondering why leftist journalists coddle and promote Islamic causes such as the ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque, consider what they have in common: “the narrative of anti-Americanism, the narrative of ‘blame America first’, the narrative that America is more to be faulted for the sins of the world than praised for the successes in it.”  

If you are curious about how we got enmeshed in this deadly cycle of political correctness concerning Islam, this book is for you. To remain free we must know who our enemies are and put up our best defense against them at home and abroad. A huge part of our defense involves knowing and speaking the truth. We need to know our godly history and teach it to our children.  Has America made mistakes? Of course, and the authors acknowledge that truth! But, she was founded on godly principles and has acted upon those principles throughout her history, however imperfectly at times.

By the grace of God, we are the most free nation on earth and have been a beacon of hope to the world since our inception. With God’s help, we must defend and preserve that freedom and that hope, or lose it. So, if you are not faint of heart and you are concerned about the issues we face, you might want to read this book. I recommend it.

I recieved  a free review copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I received no compensation for them,


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12 Responses to Radical Islam Exposed

  1. peddiebill says:

    Radical Christianity is pretty bad as well, and the death toll as a consequence is every bit as bad. I also think we need to distinguish the many good living Islamic people from the dangerous radicals. For example although there is little doubt that some amongst the Wahhabi are sponsoring terrorism, bombing Shia mosques and being frankly unpleasant to any who do not happen to agree with their form of Islam, by far the biggest group in Islam are really pleasant nice people. (A little like Christians really where the militant right wing fundamnetalists are mercifully a minority)

    • Cherel says:

      Your comment is interesting because it shows why *The Fight Of Our Lives*needs to be read. You start right off comparing “Radical Christianity” with Radical Islam when there is no comparison. Radical simply means one is following the doctrinal teachings of one’s faith. Radical Christianity turns the other cheek, loves and prays for its enemies and lives by the Golden Rule. There are no bombs killing innocents or rioters carrying ‘death threat’ signs. If an occasional loner or a small group of people commit an atrocity in the name of God (which is a rarity), Christians are quick to denounce that activity. Jesus is the leader of Christianity and He teaches non-violence. He laid down His life and forgave His enemies as they crucified Him. Many of His followers have done the same. None of His true followers promote violence.

      On the other hand, Islam has no Golden Rule. Mohammad was a violent leader and the Koran teaches violence against “non-believers”. Radical Islamists commit violent acts of terrorism in the name of Allah as a result of the teachings they have received from the Koran. Jihad (holy war) is a tenet of Islam. Muslim extremists believe dying in the act of killing non-Muslims earns them a quick ticket to paradise and access to many virgins.

      As you stated, there are many non-violent Muslims. There are very few, however, who will condemn acts of violence done in the name of Allah. To do so could endanger their lives. Islam is not a religion of peace toward outsiders or insiders. It is a totalitarian regime which is quick to punish dissenters. Many Muslims are not Muslims by choice. There are 50 Muslim majority countries in the world today, not because those populations freely chose to become Muslim but, because Islam is violently expansionistic.

      Radical Islamists freely spill blood regularly. There were 5000 incidents worldwide in 2009 alone. I have no idea what death toll you attribute to Christianity but it certainly isn’t due to terrorist attacks. Most of the wars fought by the USA in the last 20 years have been fought to help Muslims (the people– not their religion) under oppressive regimes. When the USA goes to war, it’s a free country going to war for various causes. It is not Christianity going to war, so I’m not even sure where you are coming from with that statement.

      As for your final remark. Again, there is no such thing as a “militant fundamentalist Christian.” A fundamentalist Christian would lay down his life for your right to disagree with him. It’s time to get the facts straight.

      Thank you for your comment.

  2. peddiebill says:

    Sorry about the typos in the above comment!!

  3. peddiebill says:

    Come on. I had heard that in the US they dont teach modern world history but here we are talking what should be common knowledge. I will give just a few examples, but believe me there are many more.What about the National Liberation Front of Tripura, a Christian rebel group operating out of North East India and classified by The National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism as one of the ten most active terrorist groups in the world, the Baptist Church in Tripura supplies them with arms and encourages them to murder Hindus including infants. Then again in India there is the National Socialist Council of Nagaland currently calling for a Nagalim for Christ. There is the Manmasi National Christian Army who specialise in gun point conversions to Christianity.
    In Uganda, the Lord’s Resistance Army prayed and used rosary beads before using child soldiers and committing numerous crimes against humanity; including massacres, abductions, mutilation, torture, rape, porters and sex slaves
    Even in the US they have probably heard of Biafra where the numbers killed by one ethnic Christian group for belonging to the wrong ethnic Christian group came to many thousand and were classified as genocide.
    The anti-semitic pogroms by the Orthodox Christian groups in Romania were responsible for the Bucharest massacre and many other killings in the 1930s.
    In Ireland the Orange Volunteers carried out terrorist attacks on Catholic Churches in Northern Ireland. In the US a nutcase right wing Christian terrorist blew up a Government building with many deaths (the Oklahoma Bombing)
    The Ku Klux Klan had the express purpose of establishing protestant values in the US Souther states when the engaged in beatings, rapes, lynchings etc
    More recently the Army of God and a number of related kooks have burnt and bomber abortion clinics and murdered doctors in the US. Another US based “Christian” group Christian Identity is credited with the 2002 Soweto Bombings.
    However most of the really serious cases where large numbers of civilians have been killed have been as a result of state sponsored terrorism, and there the numbers really rise. 25,000 in one 5 month period in the Congo. Check out the Christians versus Muslims in Yugoslavia. Not all Christians are nice,
    and to pretend they are while only noticing the sins of others eg Muslims…. has biblical precedent.

    • Cherel says:

      Most of the incidents you mentioned are certainly not common knowledge in the USA and I know very little about them. However, you seem to have missed my point. Even *when certain groups or individuals associate themselves with Christianity and commit violence, they are acting outside of the clear teachings of Christianity and cannot, therefore, be true Christians*. A true follower of Christ does not rob, rape, pillage, plunder or murder anyone. To commit such acts would send someone to hell and would in no sense be rewarded or ever applauded by Christians at large.* Muslims can commit those acts and be promised by their religion the highest rewards and have large groups of Muslims celebrating their actions.* That was my point.

      Your knowledge of world events is impressive but not always totally accurate. One instance is Timothy McVeigh. He was christened in the Catholic church as a baby but he was never a Christian (having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ) and the Oklahoma City Bombing was not done “in the name of God.” As an adult he distanced himself from anything to do with the church. And I cannot even imagine what “Protestant Values” you think the KKK could have been trying to establish in the southern states. The values could not have been Christian values.

      Your examples primarily deal with localized situations. None of the groups you mentioned are a threat to the world at large. Radical Islam is.

      *I do not believe all individual Muslims embrace or practice the violence inherent in their religion, but violence is an integral part of Islam and that truth needs to be clearly stated.* The opposite is true of Christianity which clearly longs for peace and never seeks converts other than those who freely choose to believe that Jesus Christ loves them and died so they might have eternal life.

      Again, thank you for your comments.

  4. peddiebill says:

    In his interview with Time magazine Timothy McVeigh made it very clear he had distanced himself from his earlier Catholicism but specifically said that he had kept Christianity’s main values.

    He even more specifically identified with the Christian Identity movement. This is a strongly theocratic version of eschatological Christianity. For example he had a copy of its main book ie “The Turner Diaries” written by William Pierce under the pseudonym Andrew MacDonald. The book is a fictional account of the “day of judgment” for which Identity adherents are preparing. I cannot agree that McVeigh did not allow himself to be influenced by this extreme Right wing self claimed eschatological Christian publication, particularly since the attack on the Federal building described in that book was a virtual carbon copy of McVeigh’s attack on the Oklahoma City’s Alfred P. Murrah Building. He had a copy of this book in his possession when he was arrested and had been going around the various gun fairs selling copies. He had also visited the Branch Davidian Sect’s compound and claimed the attack on this compound as one of his main motivations for his attack. We might not like the Branch Davidian sect, but its members certainly claimed to be following Christianity.

    Your problem with my comments of the KKK are understandable. Please note I am not claiming that they were being Christian, only that they said they were. They were the ones claiming to represent Protestant values. In my view they were actually extreme radicals whose thuggish behaviour was actually the opposite to that taught by Jesus.

    What you are doing in denying McVeigh his Christianity on the grounds that his actions are not Christian. I have no argument with that and in fact it is precisely the same point I was making. But doing something which is perverted of that sort in the name of Christianity , which I choose to call right wing radical Christianity, is awfully similar in my mind to those who claim to be Islamic yet who straying wildly from the general principles of the Quran (Koran) . (Be truthful, have you actually read it?) From the bits I have read, most of them are identical to the principles of the Bible anyway, and in fact one of the standard criticisms of the Koran is that so much of it was lifted from the Bible. Yes it does call people to the sword – when they are attacked. After all the Bible contains some verses glorifying rape, pillage and wholesale slaughter of non Israelites but only twisted individuals follow these parts.

    As to who is the most danger, just in terms of score, I am afraid the Islamic folk have been killed in far greater numbers than Christians over recent years.
    Even in Iraq for example far more civilians were killed when being liberated by the US than were in the Twin Towers. Check if you don’t believe me. Your version of what happened when liberation occurred is rather different from those who were there. For example a friend of mine worked for one of the private security companies in Iraq said he didnt think much of the morality of those sent to keep peace. And isn’t PFC Manning now in trouble because the cause of his whistleblowing was his discomfit on being ordered by US officers to hand civilians over for routine torture at the hand of Iraqi authorities.
    Another friend serving as a senior officer in Afghanistan for the New Zealand army told me that he witnessed US troops arriving and killing civilians at random in apparent revenge for 9-11. There is a current case of US troops exulting over trophy kills of civilians doing the rounds of the international press. How do you think this is being interpreted by Islamic folk who happen to believe that the US is typical of a group of Crusaders.
    George W Bush actually claimed that the US was on a crusade against Iraq until his advisors told him to pull his head in.
    In one incident my army friend from the Afghanistan campaign claimed that the senior officer in charge of US troops at the time (based in the same headquarters as my friend) on receiving the news that two Black Hawk Helicopters were downed by enemy fire, ripped off his badges of rank and jumped on a helicopter gun-ship to go off to kill in revenge. We might now (as you have done) explain that the US was only intervening for good moral reasons, but this was not how it was perceived by those whose families were killed. They told my friend they saw it as a Christian Crusade.

    • Cherel says:

      Timothy McVeigh said he retained the core values of his religious background but refused to discuss them. That may mean he believed in God and he believed in purgatory and hell. He certainly didn’t mean he lived by Biblical ethical teachings or was a born again believer (Christian). And, again, he did not blow up the Oklahoma City A.P.M. Building “in the name of Christianity.” Tell me when he ever claimed that motive.

      According to Wikipedia, “Christian Identity groups have anywhere from 2,000 to 50,000 (that’s rather imprecise) members in the USA and an unknown number in Canada and the rest of the British Commonwealth. Christian Identity believers reject the beliefs of most contemporary Christian denominations… In turn, most modern Christian denominations and organizations denounce Christian Identity as heresy and condemn the use of the Christian Bible as a basis for promoting anti-Semitism”. The Turner Diaries was written in 1978 by the now-deceased Dr. William Pierce, founder of the white supremacist organization known as the National Alliance. His organization is based on white supremacy, anti-Semitism, neo-Nazi ideology. It is not a Christian organization.
      I have not read the Koran. I have read several books and articles about it by reputable people including former Muslims who know it well. They have listed portions of the Koran and compared the teachings with the Bible. Assuming you’ve read the Bible, I’ll list some un-Biblical teachings in the Koran. The Koran teaches that Allah is the only God and denies the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) worshipped by most Christians. The Koran denies the divinity of Jesus. The Koran denies the crucifixion of Jesus. The Koran denies the original sin nature. The Koran teaches that women are inferior to men and must obey them or be punished. And women can only make it to paradise if they please their husbands. The Koran allows for polygamy, underage marriage and extramarital sex including adultery. The Koran promises many young virgins for men as a reward in the afterlife. The Koran commands Jihad (holy war) against unbelievers. The Koran allows lying to non-Muslims and even among Muslims for certain purposes. One could go on and on and find many distinctions between these two books.
      As for the numbers of persons from each faith who have been killed worldwide of late, I’ll admit I don’t know. It’s a topic for further research. What I do know is that Christians do not go about seeking to kill persons of other faiths. There are some religious fringe wackos who commit atrocities but Christianity does not doctrinally promote any form of Jihad–and it is clear Islam does.

      As for civilians killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere, I grieve the loss of any human life. I hope the USA got involved in these conflicts in an attempt to liberate people from oppressive governmental authorities. I hope the regime change in Iraq made life better for the Iraqi people. But whatever has gone on, and however it has been perceived, these activities were not done in the name of Christianity and were not Christian Crusades. The USA is a large country with many Christian believers but most of our political leaders are not Christians living according to Biblical ethics and we have very little control over them. Most political actions are made from a very secular mindset.

      I cannot speak to the stories you tell about Iraq. I hope our troops are mostly good men. I know some of those men who would never engage in the activities you describe but I can’t speak for the rest. I just know that America gets more than her share of blame for the world’s troubles and very little thanks or praise for what she does to help.

      I desire that all would come to repentance and receive salvation in the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

      Thanks again for your comments. I’ve learned a lot.

  5. peddiebill says:

    Sorry – yet another comment. It suddenly occured to me that you may be interested in an essay I have posted on my site entitled “We fear Islam – Should’t they fear us?”
    which might at least explain better what I have been trying to say.

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