Is Tolerance A Virtue?

Father Dominique Pire

Let us not speak of tolerance. This negative word implies grudging concessions by smug consciences. Rather, let us speak of mutual understanding and mutual respect.

One of the most grating habits of liberals is their constant harping about their “tolerance and compassion” and the lack of those qualities in conservatives. So, I guess that’s what I want to address.

First of all, as you can see in Father Pire’s quote above, tolerance is not a virtue and this is why many conservatives lack this trait. Conservatives who base their lives on the Bible or, at least, on solid moral values gained from their Christian heritage in this nation believe in the integrity of the foundation they live on and, therefore, are not willing to sacrifice their standards. And, contrary to what liberals would have you believe, standing up for what you believe is a virtue! It is how our country gained its freedom to begin with.     

As Father Pire says, tolerance is a negative word. It does not embrace the beliefs or even the value of others, it merely — yes, even grudgingly– allows for the beliefs of others. And, this allowance is only given out of a superior attitude which Father Pire calls a “smug conscience.” Yes, the liberal “knows” his ideas are right, but he will allow you to hold to your ideas (in the short term) as long as they in no way hinder, block or alter his ultimate agenda. (Upon fulfillment of which, you will lose your freedom altogether.)

If. however, you hold to any ideas that hinder, block or alter his agenda you must be stopped at all costs. What happened to the tolerance? They define it to further their agenda and to stop yours! They use it only as long as they can gain advantage from it and then feel free to drop it. In other words, the “Tolerant” are never ultimately tolerant.

First, you will be called intolerant and any other names deemed appropriate or effective to stop you from hindering a liberal’s progress toward his goals. He will not openly and honestly discuss his goals because he would be hard pressed to defend them in a rational way since they are irrational. So, he will censure the opposition mercilesslly. (Histrionics, labeling and name calling are consistently used to draw attention away from the real issues– again, because they are indefensible.)

He will bypass legislative bodies and use liberal judges in the courts to force his will on others. (This should be a warning about what he would do if truly in control.) He will attempt to be the loudest voice. It doesn’t matter if the message is true or the methods used to get it out are moral. For a liberal the message and the agenda are supreme. Pragmatism rules!

Next, let’s talk about compassion. Does this use of tolerance sound compassionate? No, because it’s not. Compassion is another red herring for liberals. Their compassion primarily resides in their “smug consciences” alongside their bogus tolerance.

They revel in talking about the needs of the “poor” and the “disadvantaged” and how those needs can be met by the government, and they think that is compassion! They are thrilled to spend someone else’s money on ineffective programs and think that means they ooze with compassion. Where’s the personal sacrifice or involvement? Oh, does that have something to do with compassion?

How little wealthy liberals give to charitable causes has been consistently documented. The damage their programs have caused to our country socially and financially is beyond the obvious.

Facts are facts and it’s time to break free of the liberal political correctness that silences the truth as it blares the lies of “liberal tolerance and compassion” and “consevative intolerance and lack of compassion” throughout our society.

It would help if we could discuss the dire issues facing our country today with “mutual understanding and mutual respect.” But that can only happen when the censure ceases and both sides are open and honest.

Edmund Burke (1729-1797) British political writer

There is a limit at which forbearance ceases to be a virtue.

Your thoughts are welcome– even if you disagree. Use your freedom of speech while you have it.


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