Muslim, Pirate, Terrorist: One Agenda

After reading a cartoon posted by a Muslim which portrayed  American soldiers as terrorists, I had to respond.  And, in case you may be confused by the politically correct lies abroad in the world today, I decided to share my response with you as well.

We may wish to avoid war with Islam, but Islam is at war with non-Muslims, whether we like it or not; whether we admit it or not.  Ever since Muhammad gave the Muslims the green light for killing non-Muslims, they have been at war with us. Thomas Jefferson asked, “Why?” They told him Islam is meant to rule the world. This response startled him and led us into war with the Muslim Barbary Pirates 200 years before 9/11.

It’s time to wake up, quit feeling guilty for having Western values, and start resisting the Islamic takeover of the West.

My response to the cartoon:

I think you might be overlooking all the Muslim terrorist activities around the world for the past 1400 years. No other religion has such an aggressive and bloody history. Europe may have forgotten Islam’s attempts to conquer it and even taken on a skewed sense of guilt for the Crusades because of revisionist history but we should all remember 9/11, and the Ft Hood Massacre.

Think about the Muslim’s committing genocide in Sudan. How did Pakistan come into existence? When will the Muslim violence end in India and Bangladesh, etc.?

How did the Middle East become Muslim when it started out Christian? It wasn’t by friendly evangelism.

Do you know the history of the Muslim Barbary pirates? Do you realize we have Muslim Somali pirates operating in the Indian Ocean today?

Muslim rulers are killing Muslims in the Arab Spring because Muslims want more freedom. The Muslim Taliban is killing Muslims as well as US soldiers. Don’t you think Americans want to come home? What will we have gained for our efforts in fighting for peace until Muslims stop the senseless and unprovoked killing of non-Muslims?

Sunnis kill Shiites and vice versa. Islam is not a religion of peace and never will be. Only those individuals who turn to Jesus, the Prince of Peace, will ever find true peace.

Islam has been a drain on the world ever since it came into existence. Many millions of people have been murdered because they did not want to convert to Islam. Trillions of dollars have been spent by non-Muslims in jizyah taxes, to ransom captives, to avoid unprovoked attacks, in nation building efforts for Muslim Peoples, and in fighting terrorists seeking to expand Islam’s dominion.

In answer to your question, “Who is responsible for terrorism?”

Satan, who comes to kill, steal and destroy! And those who follow him and act like him.

If Americans acted like some Muslims act, we would attack your embassies and kill some of your people for sharing this cartoon! But, we don’t act like some Muslims act because we believe in freedom of speech and expression.  It would be nice if we could get a little respect and appreciation once in a while.

Final Thoughts:

President Thomas Jefferson thought it worthwhile to go to war with the Muslim Barbary Pirates in 1801, when our nation was young. Yes, we fought, way back then, on the “shores of Tripoli” and we are at it again in Libya today, as well as in Afghanistan and Iraq. Why? Because the Muslim threat to the non-Muslim world and even to Muslims hasn’t ended.

The truth is available to the interested but don’t expect to find it in our mainstream colleges and universities; too many of them have been bought by Islamics and are pushing a revisionist history of Islam and the “Religion of Peace” myth. And our liberal academics are helping them because they think patriotic Americans are more dangerous than terrorists.

Please remember, I’m against Islam, not Muslims. Muslims need to know the real Jesus loves them and died for their salvation! Please get involved. Share truth and pray for their deliverance from Islam– and ours.

I welcome your comments.


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5 Responses to Muslim, Pirate, Terrorist: One Agenda

  1. Cherel,

    You said “I’m against Islam, not Muslims.”. But I will say to you “I’m against minority Muslim, not Islam”. Prove to me that ISLAM (by it law or its teaching) approved Muslim to kill without any reason as details as you can.

  2. Cherel says:

    This site gives an excellent overview of the violent teachings of the Quran and other Islamic sources. I highly recommend it to my readers.

  3. What is Quran? Quran is Holy Book that bring by God to prophet Muhammad. What it contain? Quran contain everything, from prophecy, laws, histories, heaven and hell, afterlife, how to live, how to respect, how to war, how to fight, how to worship, how to do business, and some of the UNKNOWN.
    Are we dare to said we know everything about Quran. No scholar of Islam said they know every thing about Islam except His prophet pbuh only. Even of 4 grand iman (Imam Syafi also said, if my ‘opinion’ is clash with with Al Quran and Sunnah, than my teaching is to follow Al Quran and Sunnah).

    As a complete book, to read and understand it, a person must understand the whole topic in Quran at first. The interpretation from prophet (pbuh) is essential by quoting from hadith and sunnah (life of Rasullah). If people read Quran as a stories book, mis interpretation will happen.

    It was more than 40 verse from Quran, and some hadith being attached. The verse that being attached are verse that modern term said read with ” With condition and term applied”. What are those condition and term applied? I will try my best to give an answer based on interpretation of scholar of Islam in my blog later. I do not said it not from Quran, but how the actual Islam teach regard this thing.

    What are you opinion if I give this two link to you? How are you going to explain to me the verse? What are Christian teach about the verse? So we are comparing two books of Gods.

    We just keep arguing who is right who is wrong only. The thing is to be drag until no solution be found. Hatred is going to call for hatred. Nothing less.
    Is it fair to compare 2 book (Quran and Bible) regarding same two issue (murder and killing)?

  4. Cherel says:

    I have no wish to argue with you. We do see things very differently and I thought we were discussing how we see things– not arguing or trying to force our beliefs on each other. I have been doing a lot of reading about Islam and its history. If history was all I had to go on, I might wonder if it was accurate, but Islamists continue to live violently today. Jihad activites are in the news constantly. I’m really asking you, why are Muslims filled with hate for the West if Islam is a religion of peace?

    If you spend your time reading sites like the ones you forwarded to me, I can see why you would believe the Old Testament was filled with evil deeds by the Jews that were condoned by God. Those sites are written by God and Bible haters and they are pulling passages out of context and twisting scriptures to suit their purposes.

    It would take a long time to set the record straight but an example can be seen in the scriptures that site says condone rape.

    “if you see a comely woman among the captives and become so enamored of her that you wish to have her as wife, you may take her home to your house. But before she may live there, she must shave her head and pare her nails and lay aside her captive’s garb. After she has mourned her father and mother for a full month, you may have relations with her, and you shall be her husband and she shall be your wife.” Deut 21:10-14

    They say God condoned rape when the passage is clearly forbidding rape and discussing marriage. The month in his home was to give them time to get to know each other. This may seem barbaric to us today, but it was a much higher standard than surrounding nations employed — and again, it specifically forbid a man to rape a captive woman. God allowed them to take captives as slaves– but never for sexual purpose outside of marriage.

    The violence passages have to be understood in context. The Jews never set out to conquer the world– only Canaan which Yahweh had promised to Abraham and his descendants 400 years earlier. God told Abraham that his descendants would have to wait to take the land because “the iniquities of the Amorites is not yet full.” God knows the future. He knows all things. He judges nations based on their behavior. When speaking to Abraham, He looked ahead in time and saw that the idolatrous Canaanites would be ripe for judgement in 400 years and He determined to use the Jews to accomplish His judgement against them which involved the death penalty. He commanded the Jews to completely wipe out the Canaanites. He told them not to make any treaties with them or to let them continue to live in the land because their idolatry would pull the Jews away from serving Him and He wanted the Jews to be a light to the world revealing His Goodness. They went to war and killed some of their enemies but not all of them and those who remained influenced them to engage in idolatrous practices, as Yahweh had warned them. Their disobedience eventually brought them under God’s judgement and they lost their land for 2000 years. But, God restored it to them as He had promised, as we see today.

    God haters do not understand Yahweh’s righteous standards. God haters accuse Him of unrighteousness because they refuse to obey Him and choose to justify their own actions. To really understand God and His relationship with mankind, one must read the entire Bible. He is a God of love. His punishments against wicked people are just and they are meant to prolong the life of man on earth by slowing the growth of wickedness in the world. God loves freedom. He wants all people to have an opportunity to know Him and decide if they want to follow Him or not. The wicked (under Satan’s influence) seek to control mankind and to keep them from knowing their loving Heavenly Father. There is a major spiritual battle going on over the souls of mankind. Satan is deceiving those who choose to follow Him. The Bible has been given to open eyes and hearts to the truth.

    The New Testament clearly reveals God’s love for mankind because He sent His only Son to live and die for us so we can have an eternal relationship with Him. This is truly good news! Salvation is provided by God’s grace to those who choose to trust Him by faith in Jesus!

    I have no hatred for you or for Muslims. We are all equal in God’s eyes. He wants to save all of us. “He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” Please come.

  5. Actually I do not go through with the evil bible website, it was stupid for me to refer the teaching of others by comparing with their haters. But because you link to me the Islam hater website, so why I do not link to you a similar site? Is it fair?

    Actually I would like to repeat what you said,
    If you spend your time reading sites/books like the ones you linked to me, I can see why you would believe the Quran was filled with evil deeds by the Muslim that were wrongly do. Those sites are written by Quran & Muslim haters and they are pulling passages out of context and twisting scriptures to suit their purposes.

    I do agree that some Muslim that using the verse and use that as evidence for their terrorism use.
    So other religion also have this thing, Ku Klux Clan (Christian), Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Hinduism) & Communist- Vietnam, China & Malaysia (Atheist). I do not say I agree with terrorist but I will condemn them but why the terrorist name is being reserved to Islam?

    Why are Muslims filled with hate for the West if Islam is a religion of peace?
    For me, we do not hate people of America, but government of America. How I want to justified when America support to attack Islamic nation? Are you asking me to love people who are killing my people?
    1) Palestine/ Israel issue. Until today America and their allies keep silent on this matter. This war has begun since 1946 until now, still not resolve. Jews America were controlling economy of America.
    2) Iraq/Iran War. America has supporting Sadam Hussain (a super tyrant) in his raid. Supplying deathly weapon to Sadam to attack Iran.
    3) Iraq War – Later America go kill Sadam in the name of justice.
    4) Invasion of Afghanistan – America want to attack Al-Qaeda, but why the public houses, city, town being raid? It is can not be justified.

    All the country that being raid is country that was a lot of resources. Iraq/ Iran (oil), Afghanistan (opium). Even I do not agree with opium plant but In 2000, the Taliban had issued a ban on opium production, which led to reductions in Pashtun Mafia opium production by as much as 90%. Soon after the 2001 U.S. led invasion of Afghanistan, however, opium production increased markedly. (WIKIPEDIA)

    How I want to justified? I do not stated others country like Vietnam, Burma and etc.

    I see this this as a propaganda by American government to American people same as what China and North Korea do to their own people last time.

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