Global Warming: A Heart Issue

If you are concerned about Global Warming and wondering what the Cap and Trade argument is all about, I’d like to share a few facts with you to answer some of your questions and encourage you to do your own research if you still have concerns.

First of all, let me start with some facts I found in a Wikipedia article on the “demonized” CO2 (carbon dioxide) which scares liberals “green” and makes them want to economically punish the world’s industrialized countries.

“CO2 is an important component of Earth’s atmosphere because it absorbs and emits infrared radiation … thereby playing a role in the greenhouse effect.”

“Natural sources of atmospheric carbon dioxide include volcanic outgassing, the combustion of organic matter, and the respiration processes of living aerobic organisms; (breathing)

man-made sources of carbon dioxide include
the burning of fossil fuels for heating, power generation and transport, as well as some industrial processes such as cement making.”

“Plants convert carbon dioxide to…OXYGEN… which is subsequently used for respiration by… (animals and humans), forming a cycle.”

Check out this fact! “Over 95% of total CO2 emissions are natural. For example, the natural decay of organic material in forests and grasslands, such as dead trees, results in the release of about 220 gigatons of carbon dioxide every year.”

“In 1997, Indonesian peat fires were estimated to have released between 13 and 40 percent of the average carbon emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels around the world in a single year.”

Note: Huge fires regularly break out around the globe which can’t be prevented, predicted or controlled. What can we do about that? Should we worry about it and “carbon” tax somebody? Before we panic, we should be aware of the following God provided solution.

These natural sources (of carbon dioxide) are nearly balanced by natural sinks, physical and biological processes which remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. For example, some carbon dioxide dissolves in sea water, and some is removed by plants via photosynthesis. The Earth’s oceans contain a huge amount of carbon dioxide in the form of bicarbonate and carbonate ions — much more than the amount in the atmosphere.”

“Ultimately, most of the CO2 emitted by human activities will dissolve in the ocean…”

That means if the carbon tax is implemented, industrialized nations will be carbon “capped and taxed” for causing a non-existent problem, and third world countries will be receiving a transfer of wealth by selling their unused “carbon credits” to industrialized nations based on a bogus premise.’s_atmosphere

Many liberals  really believe we must take action to save the planet from global warming. And, they are, theoretically, willing to submit to economic ruin in an attempt to solve this “perceived” problem. (I say “theoretically” because I don’t believe most of them really comprehend what the carbon tax system would do to our economy.) On the other hand, many conservatives believe global warming is a hoax being perpetrated on society by greedy, power hungry politicos like Al Gore.

Since 95% of CO2 is produced naturally, how can reasonable people really believe that mankind can make a difference by changing his ways?

Is it likely that the 5% of CO2 produced by human activity could be the tipping point for climate change?

If you were asked to devastate your family financially to pay for a cure which offered you a 5% chance of recovering from cancer, would you do it? Chances are even slimmer that the human race is causing and could, therefore, help cure a problem like Global Warming.

Even if the USA causes 25% of the 5% of emissions caused by human activity worldwide, that is only 1.25% of worldwide carbon emissions. Yes, 1.25%! And for that, the “greens” would have the middle class taxed to ruination and destroy our way of life. So far, our current economic slump has helped our Congress resist the Green Agenda, but, we need to be wise and diligent because the battle isn’t over.

Please do an internet search on the Green Agenda if you haven’t already. Al Gore and his ilk are behind all of this– for financial and political reasons.

The Global Warming email leaks revealed how scientists were manipulating and falsifying data to support their global warming theory. If you get into the details, some scientists claim that the CO2 levels are increasing and causing global warming; while other scientists insist that temperature fluctuations are cyclical and there is no sustained pattern of warming.

Some scientists believe solar flares are more likely causing the problem — if there is one.  And since the sun warms the earth, that makes sense!

I have read much and listened to scientific lectures on the subject and there is no true consensus among scientists about climate change.

I think the big difference between greens politicos and conservatives on Global Warming boils down to religious beliefs. Environmentalists are more likely to believe in evolution and less likely to believe in a caring and engaged Creator God. For them, mankind is on his own, resources are limited and humans must fend for themselves in a cold, cruel world. Population growth is a serious threat. Fossil fuel use is dirty and dangerous. ETC.

On the other hand, Christian conservatives believe in a Loving Father, God, Who created the earth to be filled with His people. He created the earth with abundant renewable resources such as water, plants and animals for the sustenance of all His creatures. God also created the earth with the capacity to produce fossil fuels to enhance our lives. And, He sustains the earth by “the Word of His power” as we gratefully and wisely make use of His provisions!

The Son (Jesus) is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being, sustaining all things by His powerful word. After He had provided purification for sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. Hebrews 1:3 NIV

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. Collosians 1:17 NIV

I’m sure it sounds simplistic to the worldly wise, but all of the world’s dire problems could and would be solved if the majority of mankind would turn from their sinful, unbelieving ways and would put their trust in God. He cares for us!

The climate is under His control!
Is your heart?

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” Matthew 11:28-30 NLT




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