Arab Spring Empowered Islam

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Arab countries in yellow. Other Muslim countries in green. Image via Wikipedia

I just want to share some quotes I gleaned from a National Review Article I highly recommend to you.

Islam is Islam by Andrew C. McCarthy, Jan 23, 2012.

 “The most important fact in the Arab world… is Islam.”

“It is not poverty, illiteracy, or lack of modern democratic institutions.”

“No outside cause is to blame for conditions in Muslims countries. Islam is the reason for conditions in Muslim countries.”

“…Islam constitutes a distinct civilization… whose idea of diversity is coercing diverse peoples into obedience to its (unchanging) norms.”

“Westerners, trying to remake Islam into a “Religion of Peace,” verbally transform genuine Quran following Muslims into Islamic anomalies with such terms as “Islamist, fundamentalist, Salafist, Wahhabist, radical, jihadist, extremist, militant, or ‘conservative Muslims adhering to political Islam’.” They “absurdly” deny that acts of violence committed by Muslims are related to Islam.”

“Islam is the problem! Muslims will never live in peace with other nations as long as they cling to the supremacist idea that they are a superior people and Islam must dominate the world.”

“hurriya, Arabic for “freedom,” connotes “perfect slavery” or absolute submission to Allah…”

Only 20% of Muslims are moderate enough to long for freedom in the Western sense.

“The Arab Spring is an unshackling of Islam, not an outbreak of fervor for freedom in the Western sense.”

“The Arab Spring has not been hijacked any more than Islam was hijacked by the suicide terrorists of 9/11. Islam is ascendant because that is the way Muslims of the Middle East want it.”




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6 Responses to Arab Spring Empowered Islam

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  3. So hateful articles. Right?

  4. Cherel says:

    I have no desire to share anything hateful because I do not hate Muslims. I pray for Muslims to know the Truth, which will set them free!

    I think the author of the article quoted was simply stating the facts for many Westerners who are confused and do not know what to think about what’s been going on in the Middle East.

    What facts do you disagree with?

    Is anything more important than Islam in the Arab world?
    Does Islam seek to control social conditions in Muslim countries?
    Is Islam coercive? Or can Muslims freely change religions without fear of punishment?
    Is the jihad practiced by “extremists” based on the teachings of the Quran?
    Does the Quran teach Muslim superiority and the goal of dominating the world?
    Do you believe the majority of Muslims want democracy or Sharia Law?
    Has the Arab Spring promoted democracy or stronger Islamic control in the Middle East?

    Grace and peace to you.

  5. Of course you cant agree, because you are non Muslim, and you dont like Islam.

    But Christian also want to dominate Muslim country. It like talking to an enemy who want to dominate but pretend to be kind. It just like “duck talk to chicken”.

    • Cherel says:

      When you say Christians also want to dominate, compare the USA (based on Christian ethics) with Saudi Arabia (based on Sharia Law).

      The USA allows freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Followers of many religions live in the USA, have their Churches, Temples, Synagogues and Mosques, and are not persecuted. (There are over 2 million Muslims, vast numbers of Qurans and 1200 Mosques in America so far.)

      True Christians have gone into many nations to share the good news of salvation. They never attempt to dominate those they witness to.

      Saudi Arabia doesn’t allow Jews in the country. It allows Christians to visit without Bibles or crosses (they are confiscated and destroyed/burned). There are no Churches or Synagogues allowed. Non-Muslims are persecuted if they even talk about their faith. They can legally be put to death.

      Muslims have gone into many nations and they always seek to dominate those nations as soon as they think they have enough strength to conquer them.

      It is not the Christians who “pretend” to be kind. Jesus taught His followers to “love, pray for, and do good to one’s enemies”. Christians aren’t perfect, but obeying Jesus is the goal. There are many tares among the wheat and that allows the misinformed to misjudge. But, if there were no real Christians, there would be no fakes either.

      Part of doing good is sharing Truth. That’s what I’m trying to do in my blogs and sharing with you. I honestly do want the best for you and yours. And for Muslims worldwide.

      Grace and peace to you. :-)

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