Obama…Causes Ruin

After hearing First Lady Michelle Obama and former president, Bill Clinton, sing the high praises of President Obama, I’ve decided to reblog this post to remind us all of Obama’s real record.
Add to all the facts I’ve listed in the blog, his message to Putin that he will have more “flexibility” to cooperate with Russia after the election because we will have no power to hold him accountable, and you should be able to see how truly dangerous he is.
Jewish voters should open their eyes! Obama not only fails to properly support Israel, he openly supports Israel’s enemies! Wake up! Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel and the party who wants that open to question does not support Israel! Also, “God” is not just a word that can be added or deleted in a whimsical fashion from either party’s platform. We are either a nation under God or we are a nation quickly heading for tyranny!
We have a clear choice in November. Vote Romney/Ryan!

Justice Musings

Did you hear President Obama’s “Teddy Roosevelt” speech given in Kansas yesterday? He tried to gain credibility for his extreme, progressive policies by noting that a progressive Republican president’s policies were similar to his own. He disarmingly smirked as he admitted that Roosevelt was called a socialist for those policies! That was before political correctness had such a chilling affect on speaking truth.  But, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

He has the audacity to claim that he has Kansas values (deep roots in Kansas)! You think they are as deep as his roots in Kenya, or Indonesia, or perhaps Hawaii? He said he got his name from his dad and his values from his mom. Have you checked into what those values might be? His mother was a world traveling “free thinker” whose political and religious values were outside mainstream America. His values; therefore, are not the  Heartland USA values found in Kansas.

Obama,  following his mother’s lead, is a…

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